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How happy will your holiday be? Tools to help you cope with your family during the holiday season.

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Gay Men's Counseling Alliance
We can help you cope with the holidays.

By GMCA: What do you think of when someone wishes you a happy holiday? For some it's a pleasant statement of good will and an indicator that the holiday season is on the horizon. For others it can trigger a level of stress and anxiety that is overwhelming, especially when it comes to the inevitable family gatherings that accompany this time of year. For many gay men, family dynamics can cause emotional upheavals that can turn what should be a joyous time into anything but.

We are connected to our family in the most intimate and personal way, they possess the ability to love and hurt in equal measure, simply by the choice of their words. For some of us these gatherings stir up old emotions, resentments and deep-seeded sentiments that can make you feel like the walls are closing-in and consuming you bit by bit. Trust us when we say, you are not alone.

Gay Men's Counseling Alliance
The holidays can be overwhelming.

These types of gatherings can be especially hard for gay men, whether partnered or single, who may also be dealing with a certain amount of rejection from family members or others who may be present. Mix in the stress of the season, the travel, the rush, and holiday alcohol consumption and you have a recipe for a very uncomfortable experience. These emotions are very real and can seem incredibly intense, but they can be dealt with, managed, and overcome.

The holiday season can be especially difficult for gay couples who can easily lose sight of each other while navigating individual family dramas. Couples counseling can be very helpful in reconnecting you after an emotionally charged and busy season.

In all of this, GMCA is here to help. As children, we learn to repeat patterns of behavior in our families that comfort or even insulate us, but as adults they no longer serve us. We can help you identify the patterns, break the cycle, and provide the emotional tools you need to help make your holidays a more festive, joyful, and comfortable time.

At GMCA, we use a HIPAA compliant, safe, and secure online video conferencing service that turns any room, anywhere into a private face-to-face counseling session. Private, secure, and loving, it’s everything you want your session to be from the comfort of your own home.

Jonathan Merker, MA LMHC, founder of GMCA, uses this technology daily to connect with individual gay men and couples from small communities, rural areas and metropolitan centers.

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, including #relationships, #sex, #depression, #trauma and #abuse, #familyconflicts, and #bereavement. Reach out, we’re here to help.

E-mail, call 206.707.9188, or you can easily schedule a free consultation directly from my website, I’ll be at the other end waiting to say hello.


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