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At GMCA, our only goal is to provide you with the tools you will need to achieve a healthier and happy you. One of those tools is an enhanced website that offers you a look into who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Online counseling for gay men and couples.
Online counseling for gay men and couples. is an online resource that will allow you to contact us, schedule an appointment, and learn about our counseling process.

Gay Men's Counseling Alliance, GMCA, is an online counseling service specifically tailored to the mental health needs of gay men and couples.

One of our most unique features is a blog we created specifically designed to discuss a wide range of topics dealing with issues that specifically face gay men and couples. It is a resource that will be updated frequently with new and unique topics.

If you have a topic that you believe would make an interesting article, please let us know! Contact Us

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