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Feeling isolated or alone, even when the rest of the world is coming together for PRIDE.

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

You don't have to take this journey alone!

By GMCA: As we all begin to celebrate the various PRIDE celebrations throughout the country, it seems that all our news-feeds are displaying stories of solidarity, coming together and supporting each other as chosen family. It’s wonderful that as Gay men we are feeling more and more connected to each other and are ever-more present in the cultural fabric of our country.

However, for many people, for many reasons, this can be a challenging time. It’s common for gay men to experience feelings of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression. It seems counter intuitive, but exposure to communal connection often heightens our individual loneliness.

Celebrating and sharing joy with others is an authentic and wonderful experience, but when we open ourselves to those experiences we also open ourselves to whatever grief, pain, or fear we’ve been hiding from. Emotions all run on the same track, so to speak, so it’s common to feel a whole slew of feelings when you open yourself up to the joy of celebrating. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with these feelings on your own.  

Counseling and therapy can give you that sense of connection, togetherness, and even a brighter outlook on your whole life. It’s my job to help you face the emotions that you experience so you can expand your capacity for connection, celebration, and joy. That’s definitely something to be proud of.

As a therapist, my objective is to understand you, your story, and your struggles so that together we can transcend the things that are holding you back from becoming a happier and stronger person.

Utilizing an online, HIPAA compliant, face-to-face video service will allow you to connect with me from wherever you are, privately, securely and lovingly. I’m here to support, to listen and most importantly help you realize that you do not have to take this journey alone.

I offer online counseling and therapy for individual gay men and couples.

The issues facing gay men in our community are unique, complex and can seem overwhelming, but we’ll talk, we’ll heal, and we’ll set you on the road to a better place.

E-mail, call 206.707.9188, or you can easily schedule a free consultation directly from my website, I’ll be at the other end waiting to say hello.

Jonathan Merker

Jonathan Merker, MA LMHC

My clients come to me for a variety of reasons, including #relationships, #sex, #depression, #trauma and #abuse, #familyconflicts, and #bereavement.

Reach out, I’m here to help.

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